About Us

We started Badass Boho Clothing Co. for YOU! Women who know exactly who they are. You have a thirsty, Gypsy, traveling heart that never seems completely quenched. Doesn't matter if you vacation or staycation because, you live every day as a celebration. Your style speaks a thousand words while you remain silent. You love the easy, understated, sexy vibe that radiates, from your being, when you wear whatever the fuck it is you want. You are an inspiration. You are a force to be reckoned with. You, my yummy, hippie chic... You are a Badass!

All of us, at Badass Boho Clothing Co. are dedicated to providing you with the best quality products, we can get out hands on. We try our best to source products, manufactured in the United States. However, some of our suppliers come from China when we absolutely MUST have a particular item, in our store, that we know YOU can't live without.  And neither can we!

The owner, is a no nonsense, business woman. She cuts through all the bull shit so you don't have to. Not only dies the owner hand pick, every single item, but, she wears it, every day, as well. In her words, "This shit is the bomb.com! All of our pieces are fun, mix n match, layer players galore. The price point, of each item, usually reflects the quality level of each piece. I have provided an extensive collection, in all price ranges, to accommodate every Badass Babe's budget".